Filing a claim and tips

  • To file a claim:

    Please contact us at 877-603-1310 and follow the phone prompts to get routed to our Claims Department.

  • Follow the following tips:

    Ensure everyone is ok and in a safe location.

    Contact the police or Dial 911 if applicable.

    Exchange complete contact information with the other party involved; Name, Driver license/ID number, and DOB, Phone, Address (take picture of license/ID if possible).

    Obtain Insurance information- Name of insurance company, policy number, insurance company contact information (take picture of ID card if possible).

    Write down exact location of accident and attempt to obtain all witness details with contact information.

    Take Pictures of all vehicles involved and all damages including any property.

What we offer

  • Vehicle Total Loss

    Should your vehicle be considered a total loss, our local claims department can typically get you evaluated and back in a vehicle within 48-72 hours! Now that’s service.

  • Vehicle Damage Estimates

    Need to get a quick estimate on a recent accident? We have you covered. Our local claims department provides estimates within 24 hours an average!

  • Local Claims Adjusters

    Should you feel more comfortable speaking directly with one of our local claims adjusters, stop by our office. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Renters, Homeowner, or Mobile Home

  • Follow the following tips:

    Report any crime to the police immediately

    Contact any Emergency services to prevent further damage (fire department, Emergency plumbing etc.)

    Shut off water if applicable

    Attempt to prevent further damage to property if possible document how claim occurred

    Keep track of any and all property damaged

Our Core Coverages

Affordable Coverages To Fall in Love With

Uninsured Motorist Property Damage

Uninsured / Underinsured


Vanishing Deductible


Rental & Tow